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Practice Areas

State & Federal Government Relations 

We develop and execute the strategies that enable our clients to build collaborative, productive relationships with government institutions and public officials in order to enable, change, or maintain public policy.

Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

Whether it’s connecting with a general constituency to drive the message or partnering with influential opinion leaders to communicate directly with policymakers, grassroots and grasstops advocacy strategies can be effective means to influence public policy.

Business Development

We help clients achieve their development goals by coupling fresh insights and initiatives with unique opportunities and relationships, efficiently organized and evaluated with key performance metrics.

Legislative & Public Policy Counsel

We provide our clients with the benefits of years of state and federal legislative experience when framing, drafting, negotiating, and advocating for various legislative proposals at all stages of the process.

Political Analysis

We help clients understand the complexities of the political environment in which they operate, utilizing contextual analysis to view the field and inform the appropriate course of action.


Strategic Communications

Delivering the right message at the right time is a cornerstone of effective advocacy. We guide clients through a comprehensive strategic-planning process to not only understand what to say, but also when and why.

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